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Dr. Pamela McCauley
dr. mccauley
dr. mccauley

dr. mccauley

Pamela McCauley, Ph.D.,C.P.E.

Engineer, Educator & Entrepreneur Professor Pamela McCauley is a nationally recognized speaker, entrepreneur, author and tenured Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems at the University of Central Florida where she leads the Human Factors in Disaster Management Research Team.

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  The Black & Pearl Photo-Shoot Back row (left to right): Jennifer Smith – Attorney, Law Professor & Entrepreneur | Sandra Jeter – Realtor & Entrepreneur | Leisa Smith Lundy – Chemical Engineer & NYC-based Patent Attorney | Veronica Morris – Minister, Entrepreneur & Author| Darlynda Bogle – Attorney & Senior Executive US Social Security Administration |Susan Rowe – Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor | Dr. Lesia Crumpton-Young – Engineering Professor, Career Coach, Entrepreneur & Author | Sitting on arms of chairs: Left: Tekoa Pouerie – Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker & Author |Right: Stormy Washington – Executive Assistant to VP of Philanthropy and Multicultural Insights, Orlando Magic | On couch: Dr. Diane Reed – Nurse, Educator & Author | Delphine Wharton – Private Banker, Executive | ME – Dr. Pamela McCauley – Engineering Professor, Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker | Renee Love – Medical Sales Specialist/Trainer (retired) & Community Leader | Maureen Wooding – Registered Nurse & Educator |Front row (on the floor}: Left: Sherayne Flowers – Elementary Education teacher 2. Right: Annette Hemphill – Entrepreneur & Member Relations Coordinator ACMP AN AMAZING FUSION OF WOMEN SCIENTISTS, ENTREPRENEURS, EXECUTIVES, AUTHORS, AND COMMUNITY LEADERS   Women often don’t go out with co-workers to have a cocktail after work because there’s so much work at the office and then even more work at home. But women must do this – not necessarily drink – but socialize with other women, female co-workers, outside of the office. Lunch, afternoon coffee or even walking together to the next meeting is time together that builds the types of relationships that build trust, enhance confidence in your abilities... read more

The Biomechanics of Women in Combat

The U.S. Armed Forces are made up of the five armed service branches: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy with these services having a leading role in the security and safety of the United States and its interests, worldwide.   To ensure the readiness of the solders, the armed forces rely on physical readiness testing (PRT) to assess the preparation of both male and female soldiers.  However, as the composition and eligibility for various careers within the military changes, the PRT’s are being examined to make sure they do in fact accomplish the goal of assessing the appropriate physical capabilities necessary for military job requirements and that they are effectively measuaring physical capabilities of male and female soldiers. Addressing Upper Body Strength A recent story reported by multiple media outlets stated that female Marines in boot camp are failing the upper body strength portion of the PRT at a rate of 55%.  While statistics such as this are a reason for concern, the emphasis should be on the physiological and training issues to move toward understanding and addressing the factors surrounding this situation.   In other words, rather than interpreting this situation as “evidence” that women shouldn’t be in combat, we should instead, focus on the issues that determine ability to pass PRT such as fitness level at entry, predictive validity of PRT with respect to actual task performance and physical training programs used to prepare solders.  These core issues are currently being researched by many and should remain the focus in order to address the gap between the success of male and female military trainees in PRT... read more

Pursue your Passion to be an Innovation Leader

  Inspiration for Leadership I recently spoke at Stanford University on Innovative Leadership, detailing successful  strategies and research-based leadership principles. “I attended the Innovative Leadership seminar at Stanford yesterday and I was very impressed with your accomplishments and the way you motivate a young generation of innovators.” – Roman Piszcz Inspiring others to lead and innovate is my passion. Of course, I am a professor, author and speaker and I get to interact frequently with many different kinds of people who are seeking information on leadership and innovation. I am fortunate to be able to share what has worked for me but also, what strategies work for leaders and innovators I have worked with and profiled in my Transforming Your STEM Career Through Leadership and Innovation book. An inspirational leader I have chosen to feature  as the STEM Spotlight Profile, is Stephanie Cole Hill, the President and General Manager of Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems & Global Solutions – Civil Product Line. For career and leadership development, Stephanie encourages others to: Create a track record of success Choose the right attitude Be authentic Build business acumen Step outside your comfort zone Engage and care about the team around you Virtual Collaboration She also recently wrote for the Baltimore Sun how vital it is in any career to have someone to turn to for professional guidance. Today, this can be implemented more readily through the use of technology and electronic communities. That ‘someone’ can be a member of your social media network, a virtual mentor, coach, or even a LinkedIn group member with similar goals, despite the fact that he or she is located... read more