STEM Career Through Leadership and Innovation
Transforming Your STEM Career Through Leadership and Innovation:Inspiration and Strategies for Women
[Paperback and Ebook]

Transforming Your STEM Career Through Leadership and Innovation is an inspiring handbook for all women in STEM.  Packed with practical advice, evidence-based strategies, and inspiring stories, this slim volume examines a range of topics relevant to the development and enhancement of leadership and innovation skills:  career planning, mental toughness, managing transitions, communicating effectively, mentoring, and networking, and more.   Readers can’t help but feel empowered to succeed.  

Transforming Your STEM Career Through Leadership and Innovation is an important addition to every successful woman’s bookshelf, and to the collections of public and university libraries and career centers.” - Peggy A. Pritchard, Editor, Success Strategies for Women in Science:  A Portable Mentor


“Bush covers the stimulus response theory, in which STEM women are put down so often that it can lead to negative conditioning and focusing on your weaknesses. Instead, she recommends building on talents, knowledge and skills to become a force for innovation. Bush encourages STEM women not to give up too soon, pull yourself together, develop positive self-regulating behaviors, and “Get out of your own way!” She provides practical lists, references, and guidance to do just that.” - M.T. Herzog


  • Examines research-based leadership and innovation principles to make these critically important characteristics both real and attainable.
  • Empowers you to build upon your own strengths and successes to discover and develop leadership and innovation skills.
  • Provides a practical guide that educates, encourages and equips you to pursue leadership and innovation opportunities.

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WDQ_Cover_04-17-13Winners Don’t Quit: Today They Call Me Doctor [Paperback and Ebook]

“This book is a must read for all ages. It will help both parents and children to figure out some challenges in life. Some of these challenges come our way unexpectedly but Dr. Bush shows what being determined can accomplish.” – Amazon reader review

“In a day and age when role-models are typically not worthy of the title, Dr. McCauley Bush is a breath of fresh air.” – Amazon reader review

Winners Don’t Quit . . .Today They Call Me Doctor is easily read by middle school level students and above and tells Dr. Bush’s personal story of overcoming immense life hurdles to pursue her STEM educational goals. Students and adults, especially those facing adversity, are moved to action by Dr. Bush’s inspirational story. The book is a motivational tool to share with students and as part of a STEM curriculum, highlighting the story of a role model of success in STEM while providing the tools to navigate life’s challenges, in particular those connected to education.

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Ergonomics: Foundational Principles, Applications, and Technologies
(Ergonomics Design and Management: Theory and Applications) [Hardcover]


A complete introduction to the field, Ergonomics: Foundational Principles, Applications and Technologies discusses scientific principles, research, applications, and emerging trends in technology. Covering the foundational principles and major topics in physical ergonomics, the book contains the necessary components of a quality ergonomics course, including a sample course syllabus, PowerPoint slides for instructors and students, homework assignments, class projects, instructor’s manual, suggested lab equipment, proposed lab exercises, and a student laboratory manual.

Based on the author’s almost two decades of teaching, the text covers basic ergonomic principles from research and application perspectives. It includes hands-on laboratory activities to complement classroom instruction and cases studies that demonstrate application of ergonomic knowledge. Using an approach that highlights the physical over the cognitive, the author focuses less on kinesiology principles and more on applied kinesiology in ergonomics.

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